War on Food “While post-pandemic global demand, extreme weather, tightening food stocks, high energy prices, supply chain bottlenecks and export restrictions and taxes have been straining the food market for two years, the recent convergence of all these factors following Russia’s invasion is unprecedented and has sent food inflation rates spiking around the world.” The war in Ukraine is fuelling a global food crisis.

+ Witness Collection Program: “Expert witnesses are used, to some degree, in 8 out of 10 trials in the US. Over the past 50 years, they’ve become increasingly more prevalent in the courts, and often hold great sway over judges and jurors. But little is known to the general public about how they’re sourced and how much they’re compensated for their contributions.” The lucrative economics of expert witnesses.

+ PreCheck Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: “To qualify for TSA PreCheck, passengers undergo a screening process that determines whether or not they’re a risk. The process requires a questionnaire about biographical information and criminal history, fingerprints, and an in-person interview (exactly what’s involved in those background checks is classified). If approved, a so-called known traveler faces fewer security checks than everyone else. And by some measures, this system has been very effective.” What the TSA could teach Congress about gun control.

+ Ice Age: “The International Skating Union is raising the minimum age for athletes in its most high-profile competitions from 15 to 17. The move comes months after Russia’s Kamila Valieva was caught in a storm of controversy at the Beijing Winter Olympics when she was just 15 years old.”

+ Soul Proprietorship: “Mickelson will be joining Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia and three other former major champions in a 54-hole tournament at Centurion Golf Club with $25 million in prize money and $4 million going to the individual winner … Mickelson did not mention the signing fee, which is likely to be every bit of the $125 million or more reportedly paid to Johnson.” Mickelson the last to sign up for Saudi-funded golf league. It’s rare you find out how much it would cost to get someone to sell their soul. The Saudis seem to have found the numbers.