Grab and Go: “Michael Louis was armed with a rifle, which he had purchased at 2 p.m. Wednesday, and a handgun when he went to St. Francis Hospital shortly before 5 p.m.” Tulsa gunman bought AR-15-style rifle hours before using it to kill his former doctor, 3 others. (If we weren’t all focused on mass killings right now, this would have been just one of many shootings you’d never have heard about…) Plus, We’ve Known How To Prevent A School Shooting for More Than 20 Years.

+ Monarch de Triomphe: After seven decades on the throne, the Queen threw a jubilee. Here are some photos from The Guardian and InFocus. And I was today years old when I learned that four-year-old Prince Louis and I have the same reaction to news about the Royals.

+ Hindsight is 2020: Here’s a little Where are they now for 2020 news. Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes convictions upheld in New York. And Michael Avenatti sentenced to 4 years for stealing nearly $300K from Stormy Daniels. We’re still experiencing a lot of aftershocks, but 2020 was the earthquake that reshaped America. So why not score a 5-star reviewed book on the topic!? Please Scream Inside Your Heart: Breaking News and Nervous Breakdowns in the Year that Wouldn’t End.

+ The Devolution Will Be Televised: “The two most crucial strikes against Heard may have been that Azcarate permitted cameras in the courtroom and did not sequester the jury—a perfect one-two for Depp’s online brand of asymmetrical warfare. Trials are not often live-streamed in Virginia; that one centered on allegations of domestic abuse, including sexual assault, was televised is downright shocking.” The New Yorker: The Johnny Depp–Amber Heard Verdict Is Chilling. (Heard plans to appeal. So those who were addicted to watching the trial can look forward to a sequel.)

+ Give Us a Break: “CNN’s new boss Chris Licht says that beginning today, CNN has added a “Breaking News” guideline to its stylebook, to address overuse of the breaking news banner across its network and cable news writ-large.” (Pro tip: Drop the breaking news banner and the news ticker altogether. If cable news actually covered the news, they wouldn’t need either.)

+ The Game is Rigged: “I didn’t anticipate the complete collapse of truth, the idea of you can just boldly lie your way to the top. I did not anticipate the political collapse of the country in terms of [Donald] Trump. [The fictitious Baltimore mayor in ‘The Wire,’ Tommy Carcetti] is a professional politician. Donald Trump is sui generis. It’s hard to even get your head around just how debased the political culture is now because of Trump.” NYT: ‘The Wire’ at 20: ‘This Show Will Live Forever.’ “David Simon and Ed Burns discuss the legacy of their seminal crime drama, and why the systemic decay it depicted has become only more profound.” (Omar: “I Got The Shotgun. You Got The Briefcase. It’s All In The Game, Though, Right?”)