Weekend Whats

What to Stare At: We recently hung a Samsung Frame TV in our living room. When you’re watching it, it’s a pretty good TV. When it’s off, it displays the art of your choice, from famous pieces to your own photographs. And the 2022 model has some kind of matte technology that shows no reflections, so it really looks like art. I absolutely love it.

+ What to Read: “A time traveler from the 1930s would have no difficulty identifying the Putin regime as fascist. The symbol Z, the rallies, the propaganda, the war as a cleansing act of violence and the death pits around Ukrainian towns make it all very plain. The war against Ukraine is not only a return to the traditional fascist battleground, but also a return to traditional fascist language and practice. Other people are there to be colonized. Russia is innocent because of its ancient past. The existence of Ukraine is an international conspiracy. War is the answer. Because Mr. Putin speaks of fascists as the enemy, we might find it hard to grasp that he could in fact be fascist.” Well, it’s time to get a grasp on it. Timothy Snyder in the NYT: We Should Say It. Russia Is Fascist.

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