“The current outbreaks in Europe and the U.S. are different and very concerning. The first case, which was identified in the United Kingdom on May 7, fit the traditional pattern: The individual had recently traveled to Nigeria. But several others hadn’t recently been to endemic countries, and some had had no obvious contact with people known to be infected. This suggests that the … virus may be surreptitiously spreading from person to person, with some number of undetected cases.” Ed Yong in The Atlantic: So, Have You Heard About Monkeypox? (Relax. This is nothing Web3 can’t handle.)

+ The Conversation: What is monkeypox? (Don’t blame monkeys. It really has nothing to do with them.)

+ Meanwhile, Covid (or as I like to call it, Pre-Monkey Pox) is rising in almost every state. I’m gonna worry about Covid and Monkey Pox just as soon as I get done worry about this: Invasive jumping worms have made their way into California, and scientists are worried.