“All around Demydiv, a village north of Kyiv, residents have been grappling with the aftermath of a severe flood, which under ordinary circumstances would have been yet another misfortune for a people under attack. This time, it was quite the opposite. In fact, it was a tactical victory in the war against Russia. The Ukrainians flooded the village intentionally.” They Flooded Their Own Village, and Kept the Russians at Bay.

+ Russia is trying to expand its war in terms of geography and tactics. The latest: cutting off fuel to Poland and Bulgaria. If past is prologue, this strategy will backfire and cost Russia customers once this heinous invasion ends. Here’s the latest from BBC.

+ Ukraine war to cause biggest price shock in 50 years – World Bank. (Surprising that BBC calls this “Ukraine War” in a headline. It’s Putin’s invasion.) More from The Conversation: War in Ukraine is pushing global acute hunger to the highest level in this century. While the American right will attempt to pin these price hikes on Biden, most of the sane world will place the blame where it belongs: Putin.