Russian Camp: “Volodymyr Zelensky talked about his recent visit to Bucha … He said what he had seen there had further narrowed the possibility of peace talks with the Russians. ‘It’s not about me – it’s about Russia. They will not have many more chances to speak with us.’ He said he had ‘experienced the entire spectrum of emotions’ during last week’s visit, but ended the day with ‘nothing but hatred towards the Russian military.'” Along with that hatred, he wants more weapons. Here’s the latest from BBC. And from Time: A Visit to the Crime Scene Russian Troops Left Behind at a Summer Camp in Bucha.

+ The Other Wave: We tend to quickly move on from even the biggest, oddest stories. Let’s pause for a second and look back at a once-in-a-century event. The Tonga earthquake created a tsunami, but that wasn’t the only wave. It also “generated something that scientists hadn’t seen in more than half a century: a planetary-scale pressure wave, or shockwave, in the atmosphere. The wave circled Earth for days.” NYT (Gift Article): See How the Tonga Volcano Unleashed a Once-in-a-Century Shockwave.

+ The Call is Coming From Inside the Louse: “A key, a neon construction jacket, a gun.” Those items helped NYC police narrow in on the subway shooter. They were helped further when he called in a tip on himself.

+ That Sucking Sound “There is no global total of how many tons of carbon dioxide have ever been permanently removed from the atmosphere so far, but Ransohoff estimated that they numbered in the thousands. To go from thousands to billions, virtually everyone—including members of the Frontier team—agrees that the federal government should eventually pay to remove most of that carbon. The carbon-removal market will probably need to reach $1 trillion a year, Ransohoff told me, a figure that places it well outside any company’s reach. But today, the government is not yet making those purchases, so the companies behind Frontier have pledged to begin buying carbon instead.” Robinson Meyer in The Atlantic: We’ve Never Seen a Carbon-Removal Plan Like This Before.