“It is no exaggeration to say that when a big-league pitcher retires the game’s first 21 batters in order on only 80 pitches with 13 strikeouts, that pitcher is pitching about as well as it is possible for a person to pitch. If anyone in an MLB game has ever gotten that close to a perfect game that efficiently, I have not heard of it. He was cruising. And they damn pulled him out of it!” Everyone Involved In Yanking Clayton Kershaw From His Perfect Game Must Go To Prison (Just For A Few Days). (And Kershaw himself said he agreed with the move, so Clayton’s got to do some time too!)

+ “You must notify staff of the number of words you need to write, and by when. Every hour, the manager will come and check in on you. You can choose what tone of voice you would like to have the check-ins: ‘mild, normal or hard.'” Cafe in Koenji is Only For Writers Working on a Deadline.