“The question that survivors, investigators and the world would like to answer is why. Ukraine has seen the horrors of Mariupol, Kharkiv, Chernihiv and nearby Irpin. But the images from this town an hour’s drive from Kyiv — of bodies burned, bodies with hands bound, bodies strewn near bicycles and flattened cars — have seared themselves into global consciousness like no others.” AP: A devastating walk through Bucha’s horror.

+ “Unsuspecting civilians were killed carrying out the simplest of daily activities. A retired teacher known as Auntie Lyuda, short for Lyudmyla, was shot midmorning on March 5 as she opened her front door on a small side street. Her body lay twisted, half inside the door, more than a month later.” NYT: Bucha’s Month of Terror.

+ All the horror, all the targeting of women and children, it all could get worse. Who Is Alexander Dvornikov, the Russian General Bringing Brutal Syria Methods to Ukraine.

+ And, so far, all the killing and destruction is getting Putin the opposite of what he was after. Sweden and Finland are now looking to join NATO.