Tex Book Case

“He hoped it would be reassuring to the family to see a transgender man at the helm of the investigation. But the family’s lawyer didn’t see it that way. ‘She said, ‘I know your intentions are good. But by walking in that door, as a representative for the state, you are saying in a sense that you condone this, that you agree with it,’ Davis said. ‘It hit me like a thunderbolt. It’s true,’ he said. ‘By me being there, for even a split second, a child could think they’ve done something wrong.’ Davis resigned shortly after. Since the directive went into effect, each member of his four-person unit has put in their notice as well.” Texas Tribune: Distraught over orders to investigate trans kids’ families, Texas child welfare workers are resigning. But if the good folks resign, what are we left with? (For an example, look at the Trump years in DC.)

+ Tech journalist Ina Fried started a good program where people can send supportive messages to trans youth using the hashtag #letters4transkids. I’ve sent one so far. You can, too.

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