The sick targeting of civilians by the Moscow Murderer shows no signs of slowing down. Russia is torturing and murdering civilians on the ground. And from the air, they’re hitting those civilians trying to flee. Missile kills at least 50 at crowded Ukrainian train station. “Photos from the station in Kramatorsk showed the dead covered with tarps on the ground and the remnants of a rocket with the words ‘For the children’ painted on it in Russian. About 4,000 civilians were in and around the station at the time of the strike, the office of Ukraine’s prosecutor-general said, adding that most were women and children heeding calls to leave the area before Russia launches a full-scale offensive in the country’s east.”

+ Russia’s strategy of targeting civilians is in part driven by their failure gain ground against those who are armed. How an All-Volunteer Ukrainian Battalion Freed Nova Basan and Three Other Ukrainian Towns.

+ The battle over Putinism isn’t just military, it’s also political. And one of the fronts is in France. Get ready for a scary fortnight in French politics: a Le Pen presidency really is possible. And from AP: Why this week’s French elections matter to the wider world. We’re losing the last of the greatest generation and those who survived Hitler’s genocide. It’s no coincidence that we’re ceding ground to fascism and authoritarianism just when those who know it when they see it are no longer around to warn us. So let me channel their message: What you think you’re seeing is exactly what’s happening.