We have a small problem. Actually, it’s a big problem, too. Our world is run by tiny transistors, some of which “are 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.” (At my age, my actual hair is about the same size). These chips are in short supply which is one very big factor slowing supply chains and driving up inflation. To increase the availability of these tiny products, corporations need to build “gigantic, ultraclean factory room floors that can be seven stories tall and run the length of four football fields.” The NYT takes a really interesting (Intel) inside look at how semiconductors are fabricated and what it will take for America to build up a semi-charmed life kinda life at home. (Maybe we should stop with the semiconductors and just go with whole conductors. This is America!) The Huge Endeavor to Produce a Tiny Microchip. (A Gift Article from me. It’s just a small gesture.)