Finally! “An international team described the first-ever sequencing of a complete human genome – the set of instructions to build and sustain a human being – in research published Thursday in the journal Science. The previous effort, celebrated across the world, was incomplete because DNA sequencing technologies of the day weren’t able to read certain parts of it.” Scientists finally finish decoding entire human genome. Finally? No, I finally got around to changing a lightbulb in my kitchen. If you’re sequencing the entire human genome, you’re always early.

+ Pot Sticker: “Public opinion, states, and even the GOP have come around to the idea of legal weed. So how hard is it to finally get done?” Federal marijuana legalization is stopped in its tracks. Let’s be honest. If you’re white and wealthy, pot has always been legal. Why not make it legal for everyone else, too? On a more Sativa note: House passes bill to federally decriminalize marijuana. “The bill … will prevent federal agencies from denying federal workers security clearances for cannabis use, and will allow the Veterans’ Administration to recommend medical marijuana to veterans living with posttraumatic stress disorder.” (Can you believe they can’t do that now? It’s just cruel.)

+ Ben and the Benjamins: “The actor, best known for his starring role in ‘The O.C.,’ has become an outspoken critic of a volatile market driven by speculation. Who’s listening?” NYT: Ben McKenzie Would Like a Word With the Crypto Bros. I love the OC. And I sort of agree with Ben on this.

+ Fetal Issue: Who is Lauren Handy, the woman living in a Capitol Hill home where 5 fetuses were found.