“Saint Peter’s isn’t your average Cinderella, and its path was more difficult than that of Davidson, or Oral Roberts, or UMBC. Coaches and players who’ve spent time at the school, and opposing teams who’ve played against the Peacocks, can tell you all about the challenges presented in building a program at a place with as limited resources as Saint Peter’s. From significant budget constraints to repeated flooding in the basketball offices to swimmers in Speedos walking through the visiting locker room on game days, the stories from the last decade paint a picture of a program that has had to overcome plenty to get into this remarkable position.” SI: Inside a Real Cinderella Story. (Even Cinderella had a shoe deal…)

+ The dangerous tour: Ukraine’s top rock star takes music to the bunkers.

+ NYT: The Funniest Travel Account on Instagram is Run by the T.S.A. Seriously.

+ Fortnite owner Epic Games raises $50m for humanitarian efforts. (And kids see the importance of such efforts.)

+ Experience: I let a baby bird nest in my hair for 84 days. (Anyone who stops short of three months isn’t a true animal lover.)