Confirmation Bias: By a near-historic margin, Americans want to the Senate to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. We’ll see if the Senate reflects the will of the people after the ugly hearings. For now, Manchin is on board and the confirmation seems likely. (Ted Cruz hammered Jackson about a private school that had antiracist policies. His daughters go to just such a school.)

+ Zona Fide: “The Arizona Legislature passed bills Thursday to prohibit gender reassignment surgery for minors and ban transgender athletes from playing on girls sports teams, joining a growing list of Republican-controlled states attempting to restrict transgender rights as they gain more visibility in culture and society.” So pathetic. I hit this topic (pretty hard) yesterday. A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That.

+ Mitski Conditions: “It was a simple request, one that the average music fan would likely scroll by without so much as raising an eyebrow. Live music, Mitski continued, offers ‘the feeling of connection, of sharing a dream, and remembering that we have a brief miraculous moment of being alive at the same time.’ But when her fans watch her perform live through their phone screens, she said, ‘it makes me feel as though those of us on stage are being taken from and consumed as content.'” Mitski Asked Fans to Put Their Phones Down. Then Things Got Ugly. I touched on the topic of phones at concerts about, well, twelve damn years ago. NPR: The iPhone I Can’t Keep In My Pants. “Once the concert started and the camera phones got pulled out of thousands of pants pockets, I saw the benefit of being phoneless. I was just about the only person in my section who had no device between my eyes and the stage. I was basically alone with Beyonce.” Memories. Let’s add one more Weekend What: Mitski.