Cost Analysis: “Wall Street forecasters and the Biden administration have been counting on inflation peaking early this year. The February numbers, combined with developments in the news, are more consistent with stubbornly high inflation.” Inflation’s latest surge. And one part of that inflation rise is about to get a lot more expensive. Why gas prices are so high and what Biden can do about it.

+ Commute Sentence: Tired of wearing a mask on a plane? Well, you’re gonna have to strap it on a little longer. TSA to extend mask mandate for planes, public transportation until April 18.

+ A Spinning Record: “For the first time since 1996, both CDs and vinyl records experienced revenue growth in the same year. The resurgence in vinyl records continued for the 15th consecutive year, as revenues grew 61% to $1.0 billion in 2021. The last time vinyl records exceeded $1 billion was 1986.” But it’s not just vinyl. U.S. Recorded Music Industry Posts $15 Billion Year-End Revenue.