Anti Freeze: “If the pace of resistance isn’t halted — whether through more judicious use of the drugs or through the development of new classes of antibiotics — it will likely lead to soaring deaths from common infections and surgical complications, sending us back to a world where a minor cut could potentially once again be lethal.” Antibiotic resistance is approaching a crisis point.

+ Abe Lincoln Wins Election: “Voters in San Francisco recalled three members of the school board on Tuesday following a tumultuous period that included fights over remote learning, renaming schools, a First Amendment lawsuit and changes to the admissions process at the city’s most elite public high school … In January 2021, it spent time debating a plan to rename 44 public schools – among them those named for Abraham Lincoln, and current U.S. Senator and former San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein.” I hate recalls in general. But this was an embarrassment.

+ Con(jugal) Visits: “President Joe Biden has rejected Donald Trump’s effort to assert executive privilege over White House visitor logs from Jan. 6, 2021, ordering the National Archives to deliver the documents to congressional investigators in two weeks.” (I mean we know about Kid Rock and the My Pillow Guy. How much more embarrassing could it be?)

+ Interupture: In Baltimore, there is a group of “violence interrupters” who try to stop violent acts before they happen. But lately, they’ve been the victims of violence. Some of them have even been killed. In Baltimore’s streets, interrupters face danger to stop a cycle of violence.