Blast from the Past

“As the coronavirus pandemic creeps into its third year, and the death toll in the United States reaches 900,000, the 1918 influenza pandemic can offer some insight into how this chapter of history might draw to a close. But an “ending,” when it comes to viruses such as these, is a misleading word. Eventually, experts say, the novel coronavirus is likely to transition from a deadly and disruptive pathogen to a milder, more seasonal nuisance. In the meantime, though, the country’s experience a century ago suggests that we could be in for a lot more pain – especially if we let our guard down.” The 1918 flu didn’t end in 1918. Here’s what its third year can teach us. (How are we gonna learn from history when we can’t even learn from the last two years?)

+ Of course the big difference between Covid and the 1918 flu is that we’re incredibly lucky to have quickly come up with remarkably effective vaccines. Even if not everyone gets that. Not even everyone in Canada. Ottawa declares state of emergency as Canada trucker protest gridlocks city.

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