“We’ll come to the homegrown terrorists he foiled and the race war they tried to foment. To the journalists he saved from assassination and the synagogue marked for carnage in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. To the gun-rights march on the steps of a state capitol, where they planned to pick off cops and rallygoers. There’s time enough to valorize the work of Scott B., an undercover fed who breached far-right death squads and squashed their national web of terror cells … But first, we need to talk about the ram. Because that ram — actually, a terrified goat with diarrhea — died for all our sins of the past four centuries.” Paul Solotaroff in Rolling Stone: He Spent 25 Years Infiltrating Nazis, the Klan, and Biker Gangs. That makes for an entertaining story. But it’s a serious one, too. “He’s telling his story for the first time to sound the alarm about the threat of far-right extremists in America.”

+ Religion News Service: How the Capitol attacks helped spread Christian nationalism in the extreme right.