I don’t think I can remember an Olympics that is sneaking up on us like this one. In part, that’s because Omicron is keeping the media away from the games. In part it’s because of the way people feel about China hosting. Not everyone can ignore their human rights abuses. Unsurprisingly, the IOC doesn’t have a problem doing that. Kendall Baker with a good roundup on The IOC’s deafening silence. “The IOC has seen its sponsorship revenues jump from $500 million in 2000 to roughly $3 billion today, which has fostered a cynical view of the Olympics as a corporate entity, rather than a unifying sports event.”

+ In Beijing, athletes will compete against each other, and Covid. Virus infections for Olympic athletes, coaches rising faster.

+ From smart beds to catering robots, here are five technologies China is deploying at the Beijing Winter Olympics.