Maine Attraction

“The end was as dramatic as the rest of Mr. Martinez’s life. As a young man in Harlem, Mr. Martinez rocketed to infamy as one of the flashiest, most successful cocaine dealers during the height of the drug’s popularity. His fall, though, was swift: He murdered one of his best friends, expanded his business to Washington, D.C., and by 1991 was arrested and charged in a sweeping drug trafficking case. He would later inform on scores of associates as a federal witness. Now, as the police investigate his murder, they say they are running into an unusual problem: An awful lot of people wanted to see Alpo Martinez dead.” Meanwhile, his neighbors from his witness protection days can’t believe they were hanging out with a murderer. Ali Watkins in the NYT (Gift Article): He Was in Witness Protection in Maine. But His Harlem Life Kept Calling.

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