I was a television sports producer during the heyday of steroids in baseball. I attended a surreal number of baseball games and spent a lot of time in the press box and the locker room. Every reporter was fully aware of the steroid and HGH use. The physical and personality changes for players like Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds we’re wildly obvious. McGwire soared in size during one off-season and suddenly had acne all over his back (and a much more curt personality). Barry Bonds’ head got noticeably larger. He always had a big head, but not physically big. Everyone knew the score and accepted it. Did steroid use skew records and hurt the game? Hell yes. And we sadly need a big old asterisk next to all of the numbers from that era. Even though I’m a lifelong Giants fan, I never liked Barry Bonds and was relieved when he retired. But a baseball Hall of Fame without Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons? Pitchers used to walk Barry Bonds with THE BASES LOADED. Drew Magary in SF Gate: Barry Bonds’ career, good and evil, is a necessary part of baseball history. One that should be documented and put on display.