WaPo: Four reasons you’re seeing empty grocery store shelves. (Biggies are omicron-related work shortages and weather, and that a lot of people are staying home for dinner because of omicron and weather.)

+ It’s Official: Gun Deaths Hit an All-Time High in 2020. “CDC data shows that more than 45,000 Americans died by gunfire, driven by a spike in homicides.”

+ A gene-edited pig’s heart has been transplanted into a human for the first time. From BBC: Three ethical issues around pig heart transplants (oddly, they don’t mention the irony that you may need a new heart from eating too much bacon).

+ Georgia won the NCAA Football National Championship over rival Alabama. There are a lot of stories, but the best one is walk-on, written-off, now legendary Georgia QB Stetson Bennett. (He’s not Jewish, but he looks like a guy named Auren from everyone’s temple confirmation class.)

+ And Jimmy Kimmel Salutes Bob Saget in Tearful Opening Monologue. (Saget seems and sounds like one of the world’s truly nice people.)