Bottom of the News

“In a five-year career, the rodent sniffed out over 100 landmines and other explosives in Cambodia.” Pour one out for Magawa, the landmine-sniffing hero rat who passed away peacefully at the age of 8 (after accomplishing 1000x that of most humans).

+ “My only sibling, an older brother, is facing kidney issues and may need a donor. I dread receiving a call asking me to fill that role.” NYT (Gift Article): Must I Donate a Kidney to My Awful Brother?

+ Israeli scientists have trained goldfish to drive. (Great, so a decade from now, people will be in autonomous vehicles and goldfish will be driving themselves…)

+ First-dose vaccinations quadruple in Quebec ahead of restrictions at liquor and cannabis stores. (There’s something people love more than freedom…)

+ As I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying some different formats and lengths for NextDraft this week. Let me know what you think. Other ideas welcome.

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