Whether we choose to believe it or not, we’re all in this Covid thing together. As long as swaths of the world are unvaccinated, variants will emerge. We need a cheap vaccine any country can make. And we may have one, in Texas. A Texas team comes up with a COVID vaccine that could be a global game changer. “The real beauty of the CORBEVAX vaccine that Drs. Hotez and Bottazzi created is that intellectual property of this vaccine will be available to everybody … So you can get manufacturers in Senegal, and South Africa and Latin America to be able to produce this particular vaccine.”

+ From Vox: Rapid tests, omicron, and you. “Should we be swabbing our noses or our throats for at-home tests? Do rapid tests even detect omicron at all? Are PCR tests the only results we can trust right now?” (I’m, er, asking for a friend…)

+ LAT: Orange County reports third COVID-19 death of a child younger than 5