Hard Boiled Detective

In this era where part of America believes one thing and the other part believes another, is there any topic on which we can all agree? Maybe this: ‘Cage-Free’ Is Basically Meaningless, and Other Lies Your Egg Carton Is Telling You. Cage Free: “The birds that laid these eggs weren’t kept in cages, but that doesn’t mean they ever went outside, or weren’t crammed into an overpopulated barn.” Free Range: “In some cases, this can mean access only through a ‘pop hole,’ with no full-body access to the outdoors and no minimum space requirement.” (Not unlike covid home quarantine.) Is this big, breaking news? No, but it’s one of those Fridays when we need to start things sunny side up. I’d rather we’d agree about the insurrection or mask-wearing, but let’s at least agree on brunch.

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