“The Koon family huddled together in the bathroom, knowing a twister was tearing a path of destruction toward them. They were ‘thinking we were going to die,’ Jackie Koon said. And then it arrived. “We all went flying and ended up way on the other end of our neighbor’s house.” We all went flying,’ Kentucky family says after tornado sucked them out of bathroom.

+ ‘We have to find her.’ A tornado warning, a phone call, then a day of searching in Mayfield.

+ “Burton can’t imagine a single family here not mourning. Theirs is the sort of town where everyone is connected to everyone else.” ‘Y’all pray for Mayfield’: Town grieves in tornado aftermath.

+ Those are just a few of the countless brutal reflections on the insane tornados that ripped through Kentucky and neighboring states, flattening towns and killing at least 100 people. Here are photos, some drone footage, and the latest from CNN.

+ Deadly collapse at Amazon warehouse puts spotlight on phone ban.

+ This man drove half an hour with a grill and a truckload of food and parked right in the middle of Mayfield.

+ A photo from a tornado-damaged home lands almost 130 miles away.