“Researchers have tried to study talking therapy for years to unlock the secrets of why some therapists get better results than others. It can be as much art as science, based on the experience and gut instinct of qualified therapists. It’s been virtually impossible to fully quantify what works and why—until now.” Saying the right thing to the right patient at the right time can be a game changer when it comes to therapy. Now, researchers are aiming AI at piles of data from therapy sessions to see if there’s a way to assess what works. “The aim is to give therapists better insight into what they do, helping experienced therapists maintain a high standard of care and helping trainees improve. Amid a global shortfall in care, an automated form of quality control could be essential in helping clinics meet demand.” MIT Tech Review: The therapists using AI to make therapy better. I spend all day browsing news sites. My therapist needs all the help he can get.