“Wearing a cowboy hat under the West Texas morning sun, Jeff Bezos crossed the bridge to enter the capsule made by his company Blue Origin. He was accompanied by three others – his brother Mark Bezos, female aviation pioneer Wally Funk and 18-year-old Oliver Daemen.” Liftoff! Jeff Bezos And 3 Crewmates Travel To Space And Back In Under 15 Minutes. (I’m sharing this lede in particular to illustrate how many of today’s top stories are essentially ads for Blue Origin.) But the good news: The rocket launched. The trip is an advance for consumer space travel. And, luckily for those on-board, space took advantage of Amazon’s generous return policy.

+ WaPo on Wally Funk: In 1961, she lost her chance to go to space. Today, at 82, she finally got her shot.

+ Bezos and team went to the edge of space. But from the looks of his rocket, they seemed to be headed for Uranus.