I’m fully vaccinated. I know that means I have very little chance of getting an extremely serious, life-threatening case of Covid. But what about long Covid? That’s been one of my big questions. So far the answer is that experts are pretty sure I’d be in good shape, but they don’t have enough data to to know. Bob Wachter, chair of the Department of Medicine at UCSF: “I personally do factor the possibility of getting a mild case of COVID that leads to persistent symptoms … into my own personal calculus that guides my behavior. I still don’t want to get it, both because of this unknown risk of long COVID, as well as the small but non-zero risk that I could get a mild case and transmit it to a vulnerable person.” SF Chronicle: If you’re fully vaccinated, what’s your risk of ‘long COVID’ as delta variant spreads?

+ All of this would be less of an issue if people would just accept the scientific miracle that has been served to a lucky slice humanity on a silver platter. But, “with every passing day, the pace of vaccinations only seems to drag a little closer to the gutter. As of July 12, it had fallen off by half again. The Great Vaccine Decline now appears to be an ugly force of nature. If it continues, further horrors are all but guaranteed to follow. Sadly, those horrors may be the only thing that stops it.” Daniel Engber in The Atlantic: Vaccination in America Might Have Only One Tragic Path Forward.