“The fire has scorched more than 606 square miles — an area larger than Los Angeles and about half the size of Rhode Island. It grew to more than 388,350 acres overnight from Monday to Tuesday and is 30% contained, according to data from InciWeb.
It’s one of at least eight large fires burning in Oregon and one of at least 83 burning across 13 states.” The Bootleg Fire in Oregon is so large, it’s creating its own weather.

+ Extreme weather fuels Oregon wildfires; outside help sought. (The problem is that potential outside helpers increasingly have their own fires to fight. And it’s still early in the season.)

+ Heat and fires out west. We get it. OK, how about this? “Northeastern Siberia is a place where people take Arctic temperatures in stride. But 100-degree days are another matter entirely.” NYT (gift article): As Frozen Land Burns, Siberia Fears.