Guest of Honor

“Among the films Grodin starred in throughout his career include Catch-22, The Heartbreak Kid, Heaven Can Wait, Midnight Run, Dave, and Beethoven, and his stage work included ‘Same Time, Next Year,’ which he performed in alongside Ellen Burstyn. In 1973” Charles Grodin dies at 86.

+ If you haven’t seen Midnight Run in a while, do so. It holds up. In addition to some great movies, Charles Grodin was the best talkshow guest of all time, particularly when it came to his Letterman appearances. Here’s an unbelievable Carson appearance as well. Trust me, watch it. Just go to YouTube and watch Grodin and Letterman for a few hours. Grodin brought out the best in his comedy foils and fellow actors. Perfect comedic timing.

+ See you in the next life, Charles.

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