It’s probably my age, but I often buy a product and wonder whether it will outlast me. Part of that depends on the product. Part of it depends on my fitness and nutrition (which is why I’ve already put the Vitamix in my will). And part of it depends on changes to the length of the human lifespan. The pessimists “think that we are rapidly approaching, or have already reached, a ceiling on life span … the optimists see life span as a supremely, maybe even infinitely elastic band. They anticipate considerable gains in life expectancy around the world, increasing numbers of extraordinarily long-lived people … pushing the record to 125, 150, 200 and beyond.” In the NYT Magazine, Ferris Jabr takes an interesting look at the latest thinking about the only scoreboard that really matters. How Long Can We Live? (I’ve bookmarked this article to read over the weekend or when I’m 110.)