“There are multiple adverse outcomes that result from political sectarianism, according to the authors. It ‘incentivizes politicians to adopt antidemocratic tactics when pursuing electoral or political victories’ since their supporters will justify such norm violation because ‘the consequences of having the vile opposition win the election are catastrophic.'” Thomas B. Edsall in the NYT on the political sectarianism that is driving us apart (and friggin nuts). We Have a Problem.

+ “While it’s impossible to pin down the scope of such beliefs, analysts say, the numbers are staggering if even a fraction of President Trump’s more than 74 million voters support bogus claims that say, for example, the election was rigged, the coronavirus is a hoax, and liberals are hatching a socialist takeover.” NPR: Right-Wing Embrace Of Conspiracy Is ‘Mass Radicalization,’ Experts Warn.

+ Tim Alberta in Politico Magazine: 20 Americans Who Explain the 2020 Election. “We have very little in common except our fear of each other.”