Mitch Slapped

It’s over. Not the election. That’s been over for a while—the sixty lost court cases and what felt like 60,000 presidential tweets notwithstanding. The post election threats to the election. Those are over. They’re over because Mitch McConnell said they’re over. Trump is still tweeting like he doesn’t know it’s over (or he just wants to dupe more people out of “stop the steal” money). But it was over the second McConnell congratulated Biden and Harris on their win. Axios: Mitch, the muscle. “Trump’s power persists, and will live on post-presidency. But McConnell — in his cunningly quiet but methodical way — is flexing his authority. It’s a taste of a tension that will help define the next four years.” (For me, the tension will taste the way it always tastes. Like the Tums I’m chewing on.)

+ Meanwhile, Congress is close to finally passing a new stimulus package, in large part because Mitch says they are. NBC News: Direct cash payments likely as lawmakers near Covid aid deal.

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