Your Package is On the Way

During a year we spent much of our time waiting for packages carrying our essential goods, it seems somehow fitting that we’d receive the vaccination in much the same way. The first doses should hit American arms early next week. And when they do, it will mark the beginning of a major logistical challenge that is taking place at the same time as the usual December logistical challenge of getting presents into the grubby mitts of our ungrateful children (OK, that got a little too personal). NYT: How the Vaccine Will Get From the Lab to You. “The companies will truck their vaccines from production and distribution centers to airports, where UPS and FedEx will handle the final legs of the trip.”

+ In the meantime, we need to try to mimimize the death count which is now at 3,000 a day. WaPo: Military-grade camera shows risks of airborne coronavirus spread. (This is a very interesting and informative way to show you what you’ve been told for months.)

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