What to Watch: I’ve recommended Euphoria on HBO in the past, and I still do. But whether you’ve seen the series or not, the bonus episode that just came out is worth a view. Zendaya is as solid as usual, and Domingo Coleman gives a remarkably compelling performance.

+ What to Consider:: My friend Jeffrey Eggers, a former Seal team leader and member of two administrations, shares some of his learnings on what makes a good leader. He wrote a book on the topic and has been studying it, and living it, for much of his adult life. This is a very interesting talk.

+ What to See: Every year, Alan Taylor puts together a great collection of the most memorable images of the year. This year is one for the time capsule. Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. And a few bonus shots from the BBB: The most striking images of 2020.

+ What to Hear: Run the Jewels and Royal Blood, two NextDraft-approved groups, come together on one ripping song. The Ground Below.