“The pandemic nightmare scenario—the buckling of hospital and health-care systems nationwide—has arrived. Several lines of evidence are now sending us the same message: Hospitals are becoming overwhelmed, causing them to restrict whom they admit and leading more Americans to die needlessly.” The U.S. Has Passed the Hospital Breaking Point.

+ In California, the most extreme lockdown yet is set to begin. Some of the rules don’t make a ton of sense (like banning outdoor, masked gatherings outdoors between two families). But better too strict than too loose.

+ “The truth is that the Dakotas are as emblematic as they are exceptional, the American story — or at least a strain of it — in miniature. In resisting the lockdowns, slowdowns and sacrifices that many other states committed to, they indulged and encouraged a selective (and often warped) reading of scientific evidence, a rebellion against experts and a twisted concept of individual liberty that was obvious all over the country and contributed mightily to our suffering.” Frank Bruni in the NYT: Death Came for the Dakotas. (It came for all of us. It’s just that some leaders opened their arms and welcomed it.)

+ Who’s got next? Biden Names Health Secretary, COVID Czar, Other Key Members To Health Team.