A Motion to Compel

We know sitting motionless all day is bad (which is just one of the reasons I’m lying on the couch with my Beagles, Pumpernickel and Rye, right now). But just how much movement does it take to offset all that inactivity (not counting my two typing fingers, which are both totally buffed). Well, if it were like 2-3 hours, there’s no way I’d be leading with this story. According to a recent study, even doing a minimal amount of walking can make a big difference. (And I second that motion!) “The sweet spot for physical activity and longevity seemed to arrive at about 35 minutes a day of brisk walking or other moderate activities.” That’s the sweet spot. But I’m trying to avoid sweets, so I’m aiming lower. NYT: 11 Minutes of Exercise a Day May Help Counter the Effects of Sitting. (Now I just have to break it to the beagles that we’re going to be tripling the length of our daily stroll.)

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