“Suzyn Waldman, the Yankees’ broadcaster, cried when she heard the news. Mariana Patraca, a Latin America operations assistant with the Diamondbacks, parked and sat in her car, scrolling through Twitter. Andrea Nuñez, a strength and conditioning coach in the Angels’ organization, summoned all her self-control to keep from jumping up and down at Disney World.” SI on the first female GM in Major League Baseball. What Kim Ng’s ascent means to the women of baseball. (There’s no crying in baseball, but it’s OK to choke up a little.)

+ “In 2000, Derek Jeter presented Kim Ng with a Women in Sports and Events award for her pioneering work with the Yankees. Ng used a video from the event to tell her family that Jeter had hired her as general manager of the Marlins.” NYT: Kim Ng Has Been Ready for Years.