Coup de Shill

“In an abrupt about-face, Michigan’s largest county on Tuesday night unanimously certified election results showing Democrat Joe Biden defeating President Donald Trump, hours after Republicans first blocked formal approval of voters’ intentions.”

+ “Trump announced the firing of Christopher Krebs, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, also known as CISA, in a tweet that was itself flagged within minutes by Twitter for pushing false claims of election fraud.” Trump Fired a Top Election Cybersecurity Official Who Repeatedly Rebuked Baseless Claims of Voting Fraud. This firing had it all. It was done via tweet, the tweet was full of lies, Krebs was fired for telling the truth, the enablers were silent, our security was hampered, our enemies are emboldened, our democracy took it in the chops. USA! USA!

+ David Ignatius in WaPo: “President Trump may be rattling our nerves with his baseless claims of fraud and his vindictive firings. But the two weeks since the election should give Americans greater confidence that our democracy can’t so easily be subverted.” (True, but… It may be a pathetic coup. It may be carried out by laughable sycophants in the name of a mad man. But the president is trying to overturn accurate election results, refusing to concede, and firing everyone who tells the truth. That seems like a big deal.)

+ “Brann asked what standard of review he should apply in the case. ‘I think the normal one,’ Giuliani replied. ‘Maybe I don’t understand what you mean by strict scrutiny,’ Giuliani said at another point. At a different moment, Giuliani said: ‘I’m not quite sure what ‘opacity’ means. It probably means you can see.’ The judge responded: ‘It means you can’t.'” WaPo: Here’s what happened when Rudolph Giuliani made his first appearance in federal court in nearly three decades.

+ Rudy was hilariously awful enough to be named as a partner at the Four Seasons Total Law Firm, but here’s the thing. Not everyone is laughing. Half of Republicans say Biden won because of a ‘rigged’ election.

+ Trump pays $3 million for recount of 2 Wisconsin counties. (Pro tip: Have him pay in advance.)

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