Voting has become so politicized. I don’t mean who you vote for. I mean getting your vote counted. How crazy is it that an American president actually slowed down the mail service and we’re covering it like it’s just part of the whole Trump gestalt? We have a very good idea that if the vote is fair and all ballots get counted, Biden will win by a comfortable margin. Yet, we have no idea who’s going to actually win. Think about that. And while you’re thinking, let’s look at one example of a mail slowdown, that just happens to be in a swing state. “In Philadelphia, 42% of all first-class mail is taking longer than five days to be delivered. For comparison, that figure was 33% two weeks ago and just 13% in January, before a series of changes handed down by the Trump administration led to a national slowdown.”

+ Judge orders USPS to reverse mail collection limits now. Yes, now would be good. Before would have been better.

+ “In September, Facebook received a strongly worded letter signed by the secretaries of state of Alabama, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and West Virginia, asking the company to discontinue its Voting Information Center.” Six secretaries of state tried to stop Facebook’s effort to register millions of voters. (Vote for people who want you to vote.)

+ “It’s worth highlighting these mistakes, not just to set the record straight but also to show how Kavanaugh uses falsehoods to twist the law against voting rights.” Let’s Count All the Errors and Lies in Brett Kavanaugh’s Defense of Voter Suppression.

+ Can one headline explain America’s ridiculousness? Probably not. But this one sure makes a solid effort. Michigan Judge Blocks Ban On Open Carry Of Guns At Polls On Election Day.