Caesarian Section 230

“Ted Cruz yelled. His Democratic colleague Brian Schatz called the hearing in which he was speaking ‘a sham.’ Committee chair Roger Wicker couldn’t pronounce the last name of Google’s CEO. Just another day on Capitol Hill for Big Tech … Though the hearing was meant to focus on a crucial law, known as Section 230, that protects the companies’ ability to moderate content as they see fit, Senators strayed from the brief and confronted the executives on other topics, including antitrust and election interference.” Actually, Brian Schatz had it just about right. On one side you had the mega tech companies responsible for allowing disinformation to fester. On the other side, you had GOP lawmakers who want make sure that disinformation continues unabated, especially for the next week. As Danielle Keats Citron explains: Senate Republicans don’t want answers from the CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Twitter. They want to cow them. (Hey, if the moo fits…)

+ It was like the rubes vs the pubes.

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