What to Read: “Except for at a few concerts that have been held on the property, only about two hundred visitors have seen the Hill, in Magee’s estimation. Workers have to prepare the site before it is shown, which can take a couple days, and no more than a handful of guests can view it at a time. ‘For people who are ready and receptive to James Magee, if you go to the Hill with him, you will forever divide your life into two parts: before the Hill and after,’ Richard Brettell said shortly before his death in July. Brettell, an art scholar and former director of the Dallas Museum of Art, wrote extensively about the Hill, which he first saw in 1988. ‘It’s transformative,’ he said, ‘unlike anything else.'” Texas Monthly: James Magee Has Been Working on His Masterpiece for Decades, but Completion Isn’t the Point.

+ What to Watch: In the early 1900s, more than 9,000 fire lookouts spanned the United States. Today, only sixty remained staffed. Outside takes you to one of them to visit with Jim Henterly, a naturalist, illustrator, and fire lookout. His job will look pretty great to anyone who’s spent the last six months unable to escape their family.
Ode to Desolation.