“For the state’s primary election, local election officials were allowed to accept ballots that were returned without the inner envelope — commonly referred to as “naked ballots” — to accommodate the surge of voters in Pennsylvania who cast absentee ballots for the first time because of the coronavirus pandemic. But under last week’s court ruling, ballots sent back to election officials without the inner envelope will be rejected, with no opportunity for voters to rectify the problem to make sure their vote is counted.” WaPo: Philadelphia election official warns ‘naked ballots’ may invalidate up to 100,000 votes.

+ “In the space of a single sentence uttered Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray unwound months of wild conspiracy theories pushed by President Donald Trump and his allies about mail-in ballots in the 2020 election.” Then Mark Meadows got the conspiracy theories fired back up.

+ Vice: “According to the leaked speech, the USPS says it will undo nearly all of Louis DeJoy’s most controversial policies and make election mail its ‘number one priority.'” (Of course, it was never just about slowing mail, it was about sowing doubt.)

+ Who’s worried that Trump will abuse the system to stay in office? The hysterical libs! Oh, and the Pentagon.