What to Read: “The aging motels along Florida’s Highway 192 have long been barometers of a fragile economy. In good times they drew budget-conscious tourists from China, South America and elsewhere, whose dollars helped to pay the salaries of legions of low-wage service workers; the people who made one of the world’s largest tourism destinations — ‘the most magical place on earth’ — run. In tough times, the motels degenerated into shelters of last resort in a city where low-income housing shortages were among the most severe in the nation and the social safety net was collapsing. Now they were fast becoming places where it was possible to glimpse what a complete social and economic collapse might look like in America.” Greg Jaffe in WaPo: A pandemic, a motel without power and a potentially terrifying glimpse of Orlando’s future.

+ What to Book: We still have no explanation for why Trump acts exactly as if he were reading from a script written by Putin. So it’s worth reading Peter Strzok’s, Compromised. There’s also a lot of interesting stuff about how the FBI works and the case that inspired the show, The Americans.

+ What to Cup: At the Daily Beast, Jessica Booth explains that she won’t drink coffee out of anything but these Bodum glasses. The same is true for me and our fearless proofer RD. So give them a try. These glasses are always half full.