“Deadly wildfires in heavily populated northwest Oregon were growing, with hundreds of thousands of people told to flee encroaching flames while residents to the south tearfully assessed their losses. The number of people evacuated statewide because of fires rose to an estimated 500,000 — more than 10 percent of the state’s 4.2 million people.” AP: Evacuate now: Wildfires grow in Oregon as 500K flee.

+ “Many of the rumors claim without evidence that the fires were lit by political activists, either by the far-right group the Proud Boys or the leftist activists known as antifa.” The Guardian: Rumors spread like wildfire. (So many seemingly disparate stories are connected by a increasingly disturbing one: Disinformation. Even with smoke too thick to breathe, people find a way to get their lies out.)

+ WaPo: In a small Oregon town, a wildfire devastates a Latino community.

+ Western wildfires rage in California, Oregon and Washington – in pictures.