“‘When I heard the news, I decided I was definitely going,’ she said. ‘Randi and John are godsent people. I don’t even have words for the heart they have to stop and speak to him and then find us.'” WaPo: A homeless man hadn’t seen his family in 20 years. This couple reunited them.

+ Brad Stulberg: Redefining Success So It Doesn’t Crush Your Soul. (Several years ago, I made the decision to redefine success as failure and I’ve been happy ever since.)

+ Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Renames Trick To Properly Honor Its Deaf Creator.

+ “A dog treading water nearly four miles offshore in Lake Michigan has been rescued by a family out on a boating trip … The family was able to have the dog scanned for a microchip. The owners later were located and reunited with their dog.” (The dog was later seen putting on a bathing suit and sneaking back out of the house…)

+ “I didn’t want to be there for a couple of days before somebody would come by. So I said, ‘Ok Boo-Boo, go get me some help.” N.C. Veteran Recovering from Stroke Reunited with the ‘Miracle’ Chihuahua that Saved His Life.

+ Dennis Quaid, the actor, adopts Dennis Quaid, the cat. (This makes me feel less weird about naming both my beagles Dave Pell.)