NYT: President Trump signed a series of executive orders that “include an eviction moratorium, a new benefit to supplement unemployment assistance for workers and a temporary delay in payroll tax liability for low- and middle-income workers. They could give renters a break and ease payments for some student loan borrowers. But they are likely to do little to deliver cash any time soon to Americans hit hard by the recession.”

+ WaPo with an interesting look at what is actually in the four orders: “He is ordering a payroll tax deferral, not a cut, meaning the taxes won’t be collected for a while but they will still be due at a later date. On housing, he instructs key officials to ‘consider’ whether there should be a ban on evictions. He also insists that state governments pick up the tab for some of the unemployment aid … in reality, only the one on housing is an actual executive order. The other three actions are marked as ‘memorandum,’ which carries less heft.” Here’s another memorandum: We need actual governing, stat.