“According to the latest figures, for example, Addison County, Vermont, has virtually vanquished COVID-19. In the past seven days, they have had only two new cases. But Addison County is home to Middlebury College, which, according to its website, hosts students from 49 states. When young people from coronavirus hot spots such as Georgia, Florida, and Texas arrive for class, Addison County’s infection rate will almost certainly grow.” The Atlantic: Yascha Mounk famously published an article titled, Cancel Everything, early in the pandemic. We didn’t listen. His latest advice: Cancel College. We’re so damn good at canceling things these days, but we’re not canceling the things to save our lives.

+ Remember the viral photo showing a crowded hallway at Georgia’s North Paulding High School that got a student suspended and then unsuspended? (I don’t expect you to remember it since it was shared like 3 days ago…) The school has reported its first nine cases.