What to Twenty: With your help, the Harriet Tubman Twenty t-shirt store has raised $25,000 for K-12 programs focused on Black history, literature, equality, and racial justice. And thanks to a new matching donor, we’re able to keep the program going for another 10K – which comes out to 500 shirts. So wear it and share it. Change the Twenty.

+ What to Watch: I am completely addicted to HBO’s I May Destroy You. Michaela Coel is a remarkable writer and one of the most watchable and interesting actors around. So many shows are the same. This one is different, and excellent.

+ What to Doc: I never surf. I never ski. I never do loop de loops after parachuting off of a mountain peak. But man do I love watching other people do that stuff. Magnetic on Netflix is just that.

+ What to Hear: I’ve been digging a newish band called the Black Pumas. And when I dig it, you usually dig it too.